Trapping happiness 

Memories. Memories are happy. Snatch it and put it in your pocket. 

Dreams. Dreams are crazy. Hold them and strap it against your chest. 
And, and innocence. Innocence isn’t broken yet. Melt it and kiss it every morning. 

Hopes. Damn hopes are so strong. Stitch it and wear it every second. 

But beware; beware of love. Beware of life and trust and faith. Beware of truth and reality which rules. 

They’ll break you.



Strange thing, emerging far amidst the desert of splendours. So quiet, unable to scream; of tears of oceans and rivers of glees. 

Requisitely rambled about; every laugh sings your name, pulses in my temple mad in sweet symphonies. 

Such mindlessness, it gnaws at the frozen ashes, responsibility unresponsive; invigorations still. So still. 

A damn deep feel which knows no bounds. Un-named; Un-tamed. Undoubtedly yours. 


Assemble your pieces

Surely amidst the darkness; black holes are invisible. 

Catastrophes lies silent and the polaroids terribly still. 

No; it isn’t lost only jumbled up in the universe. 

Bridge the gap; fantasies and realities; let go the less necessary. 

You were made to reconstruct the rubble, feign not it is only an earthquake. 

Remember; to give time, to take rest, to attract zeal and to break, to form again. 

Assemble your pieces; the night will be long. 


Tomorrow will be bluer

It comes

One night when the fear reigns a stray heart and doubt plays with an exhausted mind. 

It comes

One night when the world is drinking the sweetest poison of utter comfort and you’re penning a remorseful regret. 

It comes

One night when everybody can see you’re functioning perfectly but only you know what a perfect faking you’re doing. 

It comes 

One night when you have been abandoned by every ecstatic sunshine and left to wither in the cold. 

It comes 

One night when the word strange starts making sense and the roses begin to bleed. 

It comes

Nights of nothingness, Kingdoms of recklessness, Gardens of fleeing time; and threats to never leave. 

But tomorrow will be your day. I promise


I love you; conditionally

Past across the green carpets of moss and the sweet symphonies of ice-cold waterfall, there bloomed a sweet heart of treachery, blood red with malice. Two souls; one shattered and another curious, one beautiful collision and it surpassed every dark irony. Gradual climbs leading up the climax, all decorated with words which never meant, lies and betray- the new glees and warm embraces- the new snow. Now the metal rusts and spray cans exhausted, ink stains all over and beneath our bare skins. Blood shines blue. Blood shines blue. 


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Away above the cemetery 

If anything life passes into, it passes into pages. 

You amuse me by supposing that I contemplate the possibilities of frail withering rainbows which vanish away like wisps of smoke. Reconsider twice, O immortals, our graves are the final abode. The never ending quench of home all leads to an empty heart, then teleports to a brutal realism. Death awaits with open hands. 

Stay put or Stay clear. 

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How everything rhymes

It’s incredible how quickly you’ve seeped into my blood, how profound you run in through the narrow capillaries. 

How often your thoughts blind my vision, how far it ostracises me from the diminishing distance, how close it pulls me to the light you emit. 

With the gradual low beat of my heart, how gently you lift it to the Everest height, boom bursts the cells of my skin, eloquently you caress, it melts. 

How beautifully you camouflage me into yourself, the warmth of your whispers fail me repeatedly. How aggressively you bar my thoughts from wondering into hopelessness, how strongly you pull me up from the burning fire. 

My soul has got used, to live with you in my heart, your name on my lips, your thoughts in my head… alone I’ll fade in the smog of the streets, freeze I will in the hottest of heat.   


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I’ll  remember this night

Tears mad across my cheeks. Your silent screams piercing my ears. Disgracing me; pushing me into the depths of foolish light. Your voice mocking my passions, your little brain thinking of deceitful ways. Vanquished; I swear, these are the pages where every word bloomed, kissed the blue, sang in the mist; now this is all dead. Such a beautiful past I used to be proud of, a mere illusion of this mortal world; all gone too. Times slipping over the hill like raindrops upon the ice; the snow is black now, flakes all distorted. Coal amidst the coal all withered now, no shining glory, no blue, no red flickering now. Heck the streets. Drift me apart, far above the mountains, in every blue star there lies a shattered heart, which cries with the rains. Tell me did I not promise to heal your dying heart; did I not whisper each night a lost love of stars. These words flying away like tin toys in blizzard, hands smeared with paints which cannot feel. My canvas heaves quietly, I’ve been brutal to it. No gentleness, I’ve scribbled up my emotions. And it’s cold. I sit right on the top of the fire but freeze with every breath in and out. Lost. 


All ephemeral. 

Your laugh that once sent tingles down my spine, your grins that once sang a silent song to me. 

Embezzled in the bluish brown of ours, the little cusps of wind carrying your scent when once tickled my cheeks. 

Those hushed whispers you always tried does not reach my ears. 

Oh all those symphonies swirled around the pearls of our perfect dreams. 

All gone. 
But these voices. They aren’t dead, still screaming your presence.

Except the giggles of the luckiest woman on earth besides you echoes too. 

Your sweet strawberry smile embraced by the satin pink of your perfect lips, circled around by frizzy strands of pitch black; responds to another eyes now. 

The winds which carried your fragrance is polluted, it carries her stench too. 

And I. I just bleed. Because I cannot deafen my ears. I cannot stop breathing the musty air. So I just bleed. 


” Uski fitrat thi udne ki, par bandha tha wo aik dor se; pitwata tha bohot wo dande se, lekin maza tha wo, udate phir bhi shauk se ! “

An unusual shimmer of paper feels soar across the sky;

Rising with its height, rises a child’s glowing pride.

Beautiful splash of emotions stretched across the calm of blue; 

Dancing with a tied feet yet its head high up in sky.

The kites aren’t treacherous like humans rotting below;

But vicariously shining, invisible, carefree with the breeze they blow.